Aura Purification

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Your aura is the most certain manifestation of everything that you are, if you have achieved the right psychic ability you can see and study the physical health, mental health, karma structure,  some certain past and  the present (which are in relative to the akashic records)of the person.

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Simply, aura is a certain energy manifested around the physical body generated from the core. However  when there is a high dose or positivity or negativity within, it will emit out, around the body!

Before commencing a powerful spell to aid you out of a negative situation like bad luck, bad vibes from people, uneasiness, haughtiness from acclaimed superiors, addiction, sickness, love spell etc, you will be expected to open your mind for purification and then certain home materials are put together with some certain colors of candle which are essential for such specific spiritual cleansing/bath.

 Don’t get it twisted, the spiritual bath is not just a mere physical cleansing of the physical body, without proper purification your body energy will hinder the flow. The spell/rituals should succeed proper purification, then your desires can be transformed to a higher possibility. Get special practices, methods, food chants and so much more to have your aura properly cleansed and also witness the flows of energy in your body, then you will get balanced inward, the body will breath better and feel better.