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For over 20 years now, Dr maway had trained over 1420 people on several spiritual topics to assist them in daily need. "Using simple techniques to bend the force of nature to your desired benefit. Your spiritual being send signals to your conscious mind, and that which you wish for is possible( you feel it and deep, it’s a message from your other self, its best you get it done) if only you know what and how to demand it from the abundance of powerful forces around you. Then you will see how limited you have been". Dr Maway 2012 Constant protection and guides in the astral realm, with his great meditation skills and vast experience in all voodoo and white spell casting, Dr Alaba Maway had restored countless love related issues and his chant are powerful to restore any contaminated auras and cure spiritually transmitted demons (STDs). Dr maway had been awarded by several Traditional leaders and occult for his supreme understanding in "high frequency" spell casting, with what he call the “ultra-white spell” This spell is known to be the same as natural love, without backfires. 2010 Dr Maway outshined 29 high ranked voodoo masters in the supremacy tussle for the anti-karma spell, 2016 he also received another award as the youngest to attain level 38 of the top-most Elanshargon (known to occult masters)

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Dr Maway

over the years there had been a number of spells and ceremony conducted by the vinzifu shrine, The supreme temple and mother for all, The great Mogbakiri A powerful diety.
All manner of spiritual rituals require purpose and they are channel to suit individual needs.


Dr Maway has help thousands of people recover their lover and and placed a protection on them so their union remained .

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“Since my husband got his new job that bitch had been hunting my family. His ex-wife kept coming and calling for three days. I confronted her; we had a fight. she told me she was going to get him back. After two days my husband and I had a big fight, He behaved as though he was possessed by something. He left the house for three weeks. I met Dr Maway and he did a reading told me he was under a spell. Dr Maway broke the spell and cast her far away from us.”

Eliz New york

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“I can’t believe the numerous calls I got after the ceremony. I could not meet up their demand, I thought I was fading away (lol) thank you my lord”

Bella Malta

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“ For 5 years, I suffered from a spell placed on me, I always had horrible dreams, ghost hunting me. I was always, most times I took drugs and other things. it would help sleep. I have tried several Voodoo and spell casters but there was no help coming forth. Mercy, my co-worker told me what Dr Maway did to help her, I quickly thought it wise to contact the spell caster and now I am glad I did, after 20 hours I had a good night sleep, until now no more nightmares, and no more addiction. I regret wasting money; I should gift it to the one man who helped with no charge!.”

miguel Washhington

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